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Public Safety

Be Prepared

According to the American Red Cross households should keep enough supplies in their home to meet living needs for at least three days in case of emergency. We encourage you to be prepared and assemble a disaster supply kit with the items listed below. Keep these in a heavy duty, easy to carry, backpack, duffle bag or covered trash can so they can be easily transported in the event of an evacuation.

Your Disaster Supply Kit should include:

Fire Safety

Seasonal changes always bring new fire threats. Here are a few tips for a happy season:

  1. Grills: Check all lines for cocoon or other insect invasion. Gas venturi's, etc. are especially prone to this. Propane is heavier than air and is highly volatile. Watch for loose connections. Soapy water over the connections will indicate a leak
  2. Smoke detectors are still your #1 Fire Defense. Couple this with a 5 or 10 lb. ABC fire extinguisher and your chance of surviving fire are greatly increased.
  3. House Numbering: Are your house numbers clearly visible? Falls Township Code requires that your house numbers be 4" high, luminous and conspicuous at all times. This is very important and allows a prompt response from ambulance, police and fire departments.
  4. Emergency Kit: Do you have an emergency kit for storms, power outages, etc.? This kit should include: a portable radio with batteries, candles, matches, flashlight and water.
  5. Community Alert Network (C.A.N.): if you have not given your unlisted phone number to the Emergency Management Office (215-949-9000 ext. 255) do so now. Your phone number will be put into the C.A.N. system so that you would automatically be notified in case of an emergency affecting you. You phone number will be kept confidential.

Hilltown Township Fire Prevention Code requires all buildings to post street numbers

All street numbers shall be in Arabic numerals at a Minimum of three inches (3") in height. All street numbers shall be illuminated when possible, and shall be colored in contrast with the background upon which the number is placed.


Structures that are set back more than fifty feet (50') from the public right of way, or any distance when the number can not be readily seen from the roadway, shall have the assigned street numbers attached to a post or mail box placed at the end of the drive way on the same side of the road as the structure is located. These numbers shall be at least three inches (3”) in height, and shall be placed on both sides of the post or mail box , at a minimum height of three feet (3’) above grade so as numbers can be seen by vehicles traveling from either direction.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Township as soon as possible.

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Public Safety

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