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Street Light Assessment

Posted: 11/21/2017 8:52 AM

The Street Light Assessment is an assessment on properties (primarily in developments) that have the benefit of street lights. This assessment was agreed to by the Township and the Developer and should have been relayed to the property owners at the time of purchase. The lights are powered by Pennsylvania Power and Light Utilities and are billed to Hilltown Township on a monthly basis. These bills are paid from the proceeds of the street light fund. For the past two (2) years that fund has had more than sufficient monies to cover the power bills and therefore, the assessment was suspended. Those excess funds have now been depleted and the assessment needs to be re-instated. The assessment is determined by the cost of particular types of street lights and the amount of frontage a property has that benefits from the street light. This assessment appears on the County/Township Real Estate Tax bill and is paid along with those taxes.

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