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Love your Stormwater (Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy)

Posted: 1/19/2018 3:36 PM

Love Your


Precipitation is Nature's way of

filling Earth's water tank. Without

rain and snow, streams would

disappear and wells would dry up.

Unfortunately, too many consider

stormwater a nuisance to be rushed

downstream as soon as it falls. But

allowing stormwater to soak into the

ground is an essential part of

maintaining groundwater supplies as

well as healthy creeks and streams.

Here are some ways you can "Love

your Stormwater" and protect local

water resources:

Tips for managing stormwater

this Spring!

1) Plant Trees! Trees slow stormwater

and help it soak into the ground.

2) Install Rain Barrels. Capture water

for use in gardens or slow release into

the yard.

3) Reduce Lawn Mowing. Dedicate

part of your yard to lush leafy plants

rather than turf grass.

4) Reduce Chemical Use. Fertilizers,

weed killers and coal-based driveway

sealants all end up in the creek after a


5) Reduce Paving. There are many

convenient alternatives to traditional

pavement that reduce run-off.

6) Go Native. Native trees, shrubs and

perennials are better suited for local

weather and soil conditions.

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