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Planning Commission
Tuesday, January 16 2018




The reorganization meeting of the Hilltown Township Planning Commission was called to order by Chairman David Christ at 7:30 PM and opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present were Planning Commission members Eric Nogami, Kirk Hansen, Terry Carnes, Jon Apple, and Township Engineer, C. Robert Wynn.


a) Chairman – Motion was made by Mr. Carnes to nominate Mr. Nogami as Chairman. Mr. Nogami declined the nomination to serve as Chairman. Motion was made by Mr. Nogami, seconded by Mr. Apple and carried unanimously, to appoint Mr. Christ as Chairman of the Planning Commission.

b) Vice-Chairman – Motion was made by Mr. Nogami, seconded by Mr. Apple and carried unanimously, to appoint Mr. Carnes as Vice-Chairman of the Planning Commission.

c) Secretary – Motion was made by Mr. Carnes, seconded by Mr. Hansen and carried unanimously, to appoint Mr. Nogami as Secretary of the Planning Commission.

2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES – action on the minutes of the November 20, 2017 meeting – Motion was made by Mr. Carnes, seconded by Mr. Hansen and carried unanimously to approve the November 20, 2017 meeting minutes as written. There was no public comment.



a) Arbors at Hilltown Subdivision – Preliminary Plan – Richard Carroll – Orchard Road – 15 Lots – Bob Cunningham, P.E., Holmes Cunningham Engineering and Richard Carroll, Hallmark Building Group, were in attendance to present the revised preliminary subdivision plan for the 15 lot subdivision on Orchard Road. Mr. Wynn’s review letter dated December 20, 2017 was discussed highlighting the following:

2. A Restrictive Covenant will be prepared and recorded with the subdivision plan.

3. Legal descriptions will be provided for the conservation easement for review and preparation of the easement documents by the Township Solicitor.

4. A wetland report will be provided to the Township Engineer.

5. In regards to the open space, they will comply with the items and also agree to place trees at the rear of the lots to delineate the open space. In regards to the access to the

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Planning Commission

January 16, 2018

stormwater basin, they will establish a fee simple strip of open space between the lots to enable access to occur without encroaching on private lot areas.

6. Buffer easements will be delineated and legal descriptions will be provided to the Township Engineer.

7.A. SLDO Sections 140-28.P, 140-35.A and 140-36A – the applicant is willing to do a fee-in-lieu of waived improvements with additional discussions on the amount of the fee.

7.B. SLDO Sections 140-27.B(4) & (11) – right angles and depth to width ratio. Mr. Cunningham stated they will eliminate the bend, keep it straight in the back and run it straight to the road.

7.C. SLDO Section 140-30.D – the island will be eliminated and a snow storage easement area is proposed within the frontage of lots 7 & 8.

7.D. SLDO Section 140-35.C – Belgian block will be used for curbing along the internal roadway. Is was noted that Belgian block, in the long run, is cheaper at the end of the maintenance period in regards to the possible replacement of concrete cracked curb.

7.E. SLDO Section 140-37.G.6 – a capital contribution in-lieu-of replacement tree installation will be provided. Discussion ensued regarding the large open space area in the north corner and how it is going to be maintained. Mr. Cunningham stated it is not going to be mowed and will remain natural. Mr. Wynn stated the idea of replacements trees is to eliminate the invasive trees. He continued to state the method of maintaining the open space still needs to be determined. The Planning Commission agreed that additional trees planted in the open space makes sense instead of the fee-in-lieu. Mr. Cunningham stated their concerns are maintenance and being able to access the area. Rich Carroll, Hallmark Building Group, stated if the trees are planted in the back field, there is no way to get water there. In order to water and maintain the trees, they have to get a water source there which would require a water truck. Mr. Wynn questioned how a vehicle would get back to work on the discharge of the pipe from the basin and how are the residents going to access the open space if they want to use it. There is no access other than the proposed easement between two lots that goes directly to the basin. Mr. Cunningham stated the residents would walk around the rim of the basin and the area will be a park like setting in the open space area. Mr. Wynn stated the access to the open space should be between lot 9 & 10.

7.F. SLDO Section 140-39.A(12) – the plan identifies that sump pumps on each lot are designed to be extended to the rear of each lot, for discharge to the common open space areas and not to adjacent lots.

7.G. SLDO Section 140-38.C(5) – the watercourse is located entirely within the area of open space that which be owned by the HOA.

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Planning Commission

January 16, 2018

8.A. A Stormwater Facilities Maintenance and Monitoring Agreement will be prepared by the Township Solicitor to ensure that the stormwater management facilities are owned and maintained by the HOA in perpetuity.

9 & 10 The applicant will comply with the Hilltown Township Water & Sewer Authority requirements and will send the plan to Sellersville.

11. The applicant will comply with the NPDES permit requirements.

12. Legal descriptions will be provided to the Township Solicitor to prepare dedication documents for the ultimate right-of-way and the internal road.

13. The sign easement will be placed on the plan.

14. All monuments will be certified in writing by the responsible surveyor prior to plan recordation.

15. A fee-in-lieu of recreation will be provided.

16. A draft disclosure statement will be provided.

17. No parking signs will be included around the mailbox and the area will be maintained by the HOA.

18. A Development/Financial Security Agreement will be executed along with the submission of the Opinion of Probable Costs.

19. The applicant will comply with the engineering/drafting detail items with discussion on the following:

#48 - The applicant is requesting a waiver for 140-38.C(2)(r) & (s) of the Subdivision Ordinance in regards to the layout of the storm sewer pipe in the cul-de-sac. Mr. Wynn stated the applicant should revise the waiver list to add this waiver.

#50 - A sight distance easement for lot 1 will be needed from the adjoining property owner (TMP 15-1-133-2) which they will obtain as part of the approval.

After discussion, the Planning Commission agreed to table the project until the applicant can provide open space access.

Motion was made by Mr. Carnes to table the Arbors at Hilltown Subdivision. Mr. Cunningham stated they will welcome the recommendation to provide access to the open space and for the planting of trees with a preliminary approval and they will come back with a solution that provides access to the open space as a condition of the Planning Commission’s recommendation. Mr. Apple seconded the motion. Mr. Nogami stated he would be okay with the plan with the exception of Waiver E, providing access to the retention basin, and the delineation of the back property whether it be a corner fence or the tree option. Discussion continued in regards to the use of evergreen trees on the open lots and split rails on the wooded lots to delineate the open space. Mr. Carnes made a recommendation for three points of advice: 1.The corner fence should be a singular vertical

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Planning Commission

January 16, 2018

post with two posts going down on either side in five locations and evergreen trees on all of the other lot corners. 2. Improved equipment access to the open space. 3. Non acceptance of Waiver E.

The motion carried unanimously to table the Arbors at Hilltown Subdivision. There was no public comment.

5. PLANNING: None.






11. PLANNING COMMISSION COMMENTS: Mr. Carnes stated he would like to thank Kirk Hansen for the past year as being Secretary of the Planning Commission. Mr. Christ stated it will be his intention to get to the next Board of Supervisors meeting in regards to the status of the Comprehensive Plan.


13. ADJOURNMENT: Upon motion by Mr. Nogami, seconded by Mr. Hansen, and carried unanimously, the January 16, 2018 Hilltown Township Planning Commission reorganization meeting was adjourned at 8:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Lorraine E. Leslie

Township Manager/Treasurer

(*NOTE: These minutes were transcribed from notes and recordings and should not be considered official until approved by the Planning Commission at a public meeting).

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