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Planning Commission
Monday, February 19 2018




The regular scheduled meeting of the Hilltown Township Planning Commission was called to order by Chairman David Christ at 7:30 PM and opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present were Planning Commission members Terry Carnes, Eric Nogami, Kirk Hansen, Jon Apple, and Township Engineer, C. Robert Wynn.

2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES – action on the minutes of the January 16, 2018 meeting – Motion was made by Mr. Carnes, seconded by Mr. Nogami and carried unanimously to approve the January 16, 2018 meeting minutes as written. There was no public comment.



a) Living Hope Community Church LD/Waiver – Ken Bissinger – Route 313 – Small Building Additions – No one was in attendance to present the project.

b) Arbors at Hilltown Subdivision Preliminary Plan – Richard Carroll – Orchard Road – 15 Lots – Mr. Richard Carroll, Hallmark Building Group, was in attendance to present the revised preliminary subdivision plan for the 15 lots located on Orchard Road. Mr. Carroll reviewed Mr. Wynn’s review letter dated February 9, 2018 highlighting the following:

1. Item #1 – 5 E – will comply in regards to lot layout, deed restriction, conservation easement, wetland delineation, and the open space access.

2. Item #6 – Mr. Carroll stated he received an email from Mr. Wynn containing comments from the new Public Works Director regarding what he would like to see in the development and they are in direct conflict with the ordinance. He stated if he puts on the plan what the Public Works Director would like see, he would need waivers everywhere. Mr. Carroll continued to state the Public Works Director does not want any trees under existing power lines, he wants the trees behind the sidewalks (which there is a 15’ PPL easement at that location), and he does not want the trees between the sidewalk and the curb, as the plan shows per the ordinance and has been discussed previously. Mr. Carroll stated he needs some guidance. His original thought was to stick to the ordinance but now there is this conflicting email. Mr. Apple stated he does not know why the trees can’t remain where they are and does not know why a tree is an issue with snow removal. Mr. Wynn stated the branches have to be trimmed up high enough so the truck does not hit the branches over the street and continued to state the road department does not like trimming trees. Mr. Carroll stated the trees won’t have branches out over the street for some time but he

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Planning Commission

February 19, 2018

understands the comment. Mr. Wynn stated street trees have been required since 1981. Sometime in the 1980’s, they were behind the curb and sidewalk on the lot just outside the right-of-way. In the late 1980’s, PPL stopped allowing trees to be planted overtop of their underground wires. That is when the trees got moved in between the curb and sidewalk and it has been that way since. Mr. Wynn continued to state, more recently, there has been changes made to the ordinance which specifies what trees can be planted underneath the power lines. The trees that are permitted under power lines are based upon consultation with PPL who supplied the list. Mr. Apple noted there is a 15’ easement between the sidewalk and the house for electric, cable, etc. so the trees should be planted between the sidewalk and the curb, and, with the proper tree planted, there shouldn’t be a problem with vehicles underneath the trees. Mr. Carnes asked if there was miscommunication between an employee of the Township requesting a developer to go against the ordinance of the Township. Mr. Wynn stated the email from the Public Works Director was just comments and not based on the ordinance. After discussion, the Planning Commission agreed for the developer to follow the Township ordinance, disregard the first three items on the email in regards to the location of the street trees and the no parking signs, not to change the rules now, and any employee who has issues will need to take it up with the Board of Supervisors.

3. Item #7 – will comply in regards to following up with the solicitor for the easement.

4. Item #8 A – Mr. Carroll will resubmit the waiver letter including a waiver from Section 140-29.D(1). Item #8 A (1) will revise the fee-in-lieu of letter. Item #8 A (2) once the fee-in-lieu letter is revised, they will include the credits for the ADA ramps and the pattern cross walk. Item #8 A (3) the additional design and construction details will be included for the culvert.

4. Item #8 B, C, D, E, F, G – will comply in regards to the waiver requests for lot line orientation, elimination of the landscape island, cement concrete curb, discharge of sump pumps, 100-year floodplain, and storm sewer location.

5. Item #9 – the planting schedule was revised to relocate the basin access easement, will correct the plan to show the installed markings for trees, and has shown the reforestation area with container plants, and has included tree shelters and stakes.

6. Item #10 A & B – will comply in regards to the Stormwater Facilities Maintenance and Monitoring Agreement.

7. Item #11 – 14 – will comply in regards to the Hilltown Township Water and Sewer Authority requirements and sending the plan to the Sellersville Fire Company, Planning Module submission, erosion/sediment control measures, and right-of-way along Orchard Road.

8. Item #15 – will comply – the sign easement will be removed on lot 13 and keep the sign easement on lot 2.

9. Item #16 – 18 – will comply in regards to concrete monuments, capital contribution in-lieu-of recreation lands, and the disclosure statement.

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Planning Commission

February 19, 2018

10. Item #19 – the access to the mailbox will be via the driveway depressions.

11. Item #20 – 21 – will comply in regards to the Development/Financial Security Agreement, and the engineering/drafting detail containing the 42 items.

Motion was made by Mr. Carnes, seconded by Mr. Hanson and carried unanimously to recommend preliminary approval for the Arbors at Hilltown Subdivision contingent upon Mr. Wynn’s review letter dated February 9, 2018, the granting of the requested waivers 8B thru 8G as written, and noting that waiver 8A will be revised. There was no public comment.

c) Assal Lands Subdivision – Sketch Plan – Richard Carroll – Curley Mill Road – 4 Lots- Mr. Richard Carroll, Hallmark Homes Group, along with Mr. Chris Reece, Boucher and James Engineering, was in attendance to present the Assal Lands Subdivision sketch plan containing 4 lots that take entrance from a cul-de-sac street off of Curly Mill Road within New Britain Township. Mr. Carroll stated the plan has been introduced before the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors in New Britain Township. He continued to state they would like to bring public sewer down Curly Mill Road and up through the proposed street and understands they would have to talk to HTWSA for coordination. If it cannot be done, they will have on-lot septic systems. The water will be on-lot for the entire community. Mr. Wynn’s review letter dated February 5, 2018 was discussed highlighting the following:

1. The proposed cul-de-sac maintenance responsibilities will be through an Inter-Municipal Agreement.

2. The northern portion of the property is heavily wooded and has steep slopes so a thru street is not feasible.

3.A/B A waiver will be requested to match municipal boundaries in regards to a lot line issue between lots 4/5 and 8/9.

3. C A waiver will be requested for the lot depth ratio.

3. D Will comply – the design coordination will be worked out between Hilltown and New Britain Township.

4. Will comply – in regards to the tabulation for the resource protection.

5. The Water Resources Impact Study was approved by New Britain Township. Mr. Wynn stated the Planning Commission will approve the Well Monitoring Network at the end of the project discussion.

6. If needed, Planning Modules will be submitted to PA DEP.

7. The design of the Stormwater Management facilities will be done once the project moves forward along with the infiltration testing to meet all required specs.

8. Will comply – regarding the standard fee-in-lieu of recreation land dedication.

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Planning Commission

February 19, 2018

Mr. Apple asked about the easement from Township Line Road. Mr. Carroll stated the easement is very old, and, as to what would happen to the easement would have to be worked out with the attorneys and the engineers.

Mr. Carnes stated the tract going out to Limekiln Pike would be a lot cleaner to be sold or given to the homeowners because it is not needed. Mr. Carroll stated the tract is included in Lot 10. Mr. Carnes continued to state his only concern is sticking with the municipal boundaries.

Mr. Hansen asked where the closest public water is located from the site. Mr. Carroll stated the closest assessable water to the site is 3200 feet away. Water is actually closer but the home owner has no desire to grant an easement. Being the Assal Lands Subdivision is a sketch plan, no action was taken.

Motion was made by Mr. Carnes, seconded by Mr. Apple and carried unanimously to approve the Assal Lands Subdivision Well Monitoring Network. There was no public comment.

5. PLANNING: None.



8. NEW BUSINESS: Mr. Wynn stated he will be presenting various Subdivision/Land Development amendments to the Board of Supervisors at their next meeting with the possibility of presenting them to the Planning Commission at their next meeting.



11. PLANNING COMMISSION COMMENTS: Mr. Christ stated it will be his intention to go to the next Board of Supervisors meeting in regards to the status of the Comprehensive Plan. He also noted the Planning Commission work session meetings will be cancelled until further notice.


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Planning Commission

February 19, 2018

13. ADJOURNMENT: Upon motion by Mr. Apple, seconded by Mr. Carnes, and carried unanimously, the February 19, 2018 Hilltown Township Planning Commission meeting was adjourned at 8:14 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Lorraine E. Leslie

Township Manager/Treasurer

(*NOTE: These minutes were transcribed from notes and recordings and should not be considered official until approved by the Planning Commission at a public meeting).

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