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Meeting Minutes


Planning Commission
Monday, March 19 2018



MONDAY, MARCH 19, 2018

The regular scheduled meeting of the Hilltown Township Planning Commission was called to order by Chairman David Christ at 7:30 PM and opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present were Planning Commission members Eric Nogami, Kirk Hansen, Jon Apple, and Township Engineer, C. Robert Wynn. Terry Carnes was absent.

2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES – action on the minutes of the February 19, 2018 meeting – Motion was made by Mr. Nogami, seconded by Mr. Hansen and carried unanimously to approve the February 19, 2018 meeting minutes as written. There was no public comment.



a) Living Hope Community Church LD/Waiver – Ken Bissinger – Route 313 – Small Building Additions – No one was in attendance to present the project.

b) 781 Minsi Trail Subdivision – Jason Smeland, P.E. – Minsi Trail – 5 lots – Mr. Jason Smeland, Lenape Valley Engineering, along with the applicants, Steve and Matthew Yates, were in attendance to present the sketch plan for 5 lots located on 8.6 acres at the intersection of Schwenkmill Road and Minsi Trail. The applicant proposes to connect to water and sewer from the Toll Brothers Regency project. Mr. Wynn noted the Bucks County Planning Commission review letter dated March 19, 2018 was received earlier in the day. Mr. Smeland reviewed Mr. Wynn’s review letter dated March 6, 2018 highlighting the following:

1. The parcel is Lot 1 of the Alff Minor Subdivision which was recorded in January of 2000.

2. A cul-de-sac road is proposed and discussions are being held with PennDot in regards to the location. The applicant is proposing to waive the width requirement of the road to 22 feet. Discussion was held in regards to the right-of-way, the slope of the road, and curbs/sidewalks.

3. In regards to buffering, the applicant will be preserving as much of the existing vegetation as they can along the frontage. If the road is extended into the right-of way, it may change the lot line between Lot 3 and Lot 4. A waiver will be required for the depth to width ratio for Lot 1. The applicant will talk to the postmaster about the mailbox location but their preference would be to have individual mailboxes.

4. The applicant will comply with the woodlands and steep slopes requirements.

5. The applicant will discuss with PennDot the road improvements to Minsi Trail and any capital contribution with the Board of Supervisors.

6. The lots will be serviced by HTWSA in regards to public water and sewer.

7. Provisions have been made in regards to stormwater management.

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Planning Commission

March 19, 2018

8. A capital contribution in-lieu-of recreation land dedication will be discussed with the Board of Supervisors.

9. In regards to the Bucks County Planning Commission review letter, the applicant will make provisions for a snow storage area on the cul-de-sac.

Mr. Christ noted his concern with the 22’ proposed roadway and the need for curbs based on the slope. Mr. Wynn added the snow plows are 11’ and it will be difficult to stabilize the soils without curbs. He continued to state he does not recommend the reduction of the road width to 22 feet. Mr. Smeland noted the applicant will speak to PennDot in regards to the positioning of the road and will meet their requirements. Mr. Apple stated the access to the thru street for a possible future extension is very important and is he ok with the lot shapes. Mr. Hansen stated he agrees to not reducing the road width to 22 feet. Mr. Christ added the project is a good use of the property. As the project is a sketch plan, no action was taken.

c) Braccia Minor Subdivision – Robert Showalter, P.E. – Hilltown Pike – 2 lots – Mr. Robert Showalter, Showalter & Associates, Inc., along with the applicant, Sam Braccia, were in attendance to present the 13 acre minor subdivision located on Hilltown Pike. Mr. Showalter stated the applicant is proposing to subdivide the property into two single family detached dwelling units. Lot 1 (1.88 acres) is proposed for construction of a new single family detached dwelling and will access Hilltown Pike via an existing shared driveway. Lot 2 (11.66 acres) is not proposed for development at this time. Mr. Wynn’s review letter dated March 12, 2018 was discussed highlighting the following:

1. The site was subject of a prior major subdivision application consisting of 9 building lots that received conditional final approval in 2005 but the conditions of approval were never satisfied and never recorded. The applicant would like to do a 2-lot subdivision at this time.

2. The applicant wishes to defer the improvements on lot 2 until such time it is developed. The applicant agrees that when lot 2 is developed, it will be improved per the Township’s requirements and will be noted on the plan. The applicant requests waivers for existing features within 100 feet of the site to be shown on the plan, residential lot depth, and use of iron pins.

3. The applicant will consider the shared driveway be improved to 18 feet wide to the intersection on Lot 1. A copy of the easement documents will be supplied and will be changed to reflect the ultimate right-of-way. A Highway Occupancy Permit will be obtained from PennDot by the applicant.

4. The applicant will agree to the Stormwater Maintenance and Monitoring Agreement prepared by the Township Solicitor.

5. The lot will be serviced by an on-lot well which will be tested before obtaining a building permit.

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Planning Commission

March 19, 2018

6. The on-lot disposal system was approved and perked in 2005 but the applicant will check with the Bucks County Department of Health to make sure it is still current.

7. The applicant agrees to the dedication of the ultimate right-of-way to the Township.

8. The NPDES Permit will be obtained by the Bucks County Conservation District.

9. Monumentation will be installed and certified.

10. The applicant will consider the capital contribution in-lieu-of recreation land dedication.

11. The Development/Financial Security Agreement will be executed along with the preparation of the Opinion of Cost.

12. Mr. Showalter discussed the drafting items stating they will comply. Discussion was held in regards to the lot grading being revised to provide a minimum slope of 2% away from the dwelling and within the lot. Mr. Wynn stated they will need the 2% minimum slope and will not support a waiver for that item. Discussion was held in regards to the seepage pit rather than a rain garden. Mr. Wynn suggested the applicant consider the rain gardens located in the Ashland Meadows development off of Telegraph Road. Mr. Wynn also noted the Bucks County Planning Commission review has not been received. The Planning Commission agreed for the applicant to clean up the plan and re-submit.

Motion was made by Mr. Apple, seconded by Mr. Hansen and carried unanimously to table the Braccia Minor Subdivision. There was no public comment.

5. PLANNING: None.





a) Pileggi Associates L/D Waiver – Route 113 – 10,000 SF Building – Mr. Wynn stated plans were received for the Stone Depot property for a 10,000 sf. building and discussed the history/agreement on the property.


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Planning Commission

March 19, 2018

11. PLANNING COMMISSION COMMENTS: Mr. Nogami asked for clarification of simple subdivisions. Mr. Wynn stated the subdivision ordinance has a provision that if an applicant comes in within seven years of a minor subdivision, even for just one more lot, it is now a major subdivision.


13. ADJOURNMENT: Upon motion by Mr. Nogami, seconded by Mr. Hansen and carried unanimously, the March 19, 2018 Hilltown Township Planning Commission meeting was adjourned at 8:22 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Lorraine E. Leslie

Township Manager/Treasurer

(*NOTE: These minutes were transcribed from notes and recordings and should not be considered official until approved by the Planning Commission at a public meeting).

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