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Meeting Minutes


Planning Commission
Monday, December 17 2018




The regular scheduled meeting of the Hilltown Township Planning Commission was called to order by Chairman David Christ at 7:30 PM and opened with the Pledge of Allegiance. Also present were Planning Commission members Eric Nogami, Kirk Hansen, Terry Carnes, Jon Apple, and Township Engineer, C. Robert Wynn.

1. APPROVAL OF MINUTES – action on the minutes of the November 19, 2018 meeting – Motion was made by Mr. Apple and seconded by Mr. Hansen to approve the November 19, 2018 meeting minutes with two name corrections. The motion passed 4-0-1 with Mr. Carnes abstaining from the vote. There was no public comment.



a) 781 Minsi Trail Subdivision Preliminary Plan – Mr. Jason Smeland, P.E., Lenape Valley Engineering, was in attendance along with the applicant Mr. Steven Yates, to present a five lot cul-de-sac subdivision located on 8.63 acres at the intersection of Minsi Trail/Schwenkmill Road in the RR Zoning District that was last seen by the Planning Commission as a sketch plan in March of 2018. The plan has been revised to provide for the ability for the street to be extended into the vacant property along with the change to a 28’ cartway. Mr. Smeland reviewed Mr. Wynn’s engineering review letter dated December 10, 2018 highlighting the following:

1. A note will be placed on the plan stating they meet the tree disturbance requirements assuming that the dead ash trees are not counted and will be removed.

2. Waivers discussed included: Sections 140-28.P, 140-29.D.(1), 140-35 and 140-36, which require cartway reconstruction/overlay, drainage improvements, cartway widening, curb and sidewalk along Minsi Trail within the frontage of the site, Sections 140-27.B.(4) & (11), which require lot lines to be oriented at right angles or radial to the street line, Section 140-17.D, which requires existing features within 100 feet of the site to be shown on the preliminary plan, Section 140-37.G, which requires installation of replacement trees to compensate for the removal of existing mature trees having a diameter of ten inches or greater within the site, Section 140-31.C, which requires a tangent of 100 feet to be provided between reverse curves for new street design, Sections 140-38.C(2)(d) & (n), which require a minimum storm sewer pipe diameter of 18 inches, and 140-33.B & E in regards to the intersection design for the alignment with Schwenkmill Road which will be a PennDot issue along with horizontal curve to be located within 50’ of the ultimate right-of-way. It was noted that additional buffering may possibly be placed between Lot 1 and the neighboring property. Page 2 Planning Commission December 17, 2018

3. Discussion included curbing, easements in regards to the cul-de-sac, snow storage easements dependent upon the location of the cul-de-sac, the possibility of flipping the two houses at the cul-de-sac, and possible street names are to be reviewed by the Public Works Department, the Post Office, and the Board of Supervisors.

4. All stormwater issues will be complied with or worked out with Mr. Wynn’s office.

5. The basin will be the responsibility of the owner of Lot 1. There will be no HOA.

6. The project proposes a lamppost at each driveway along the internal road. The property across the street will need to be notified in order to put a light on the pole within their frontage.

The Planning Commission agreed the proposed development is reasonable, including the consideration of additional buffering at Lot 1, the light at Minsi Trail or a pole at the north side of the street, and the flipping of the two houses at the end of the cul-de-sac.

Public Comment: Jim Sensinger, 1411 Rt. 313, discussed items including: he fully attends to develop the adjoining 11 acre property, wants to be assured he can access Minsi Trail from his land, moving the cul-de-sac up against his property, and drainage along the property lines. Mr. Smeland stated he would not have access until the road is dedicated to the Township. After a lengthy discussion, no action was taken.

b) Coleman Investment Properties Land Development Preliminary Plan – Mr. Scott Camburn, P.E. was in attendance, along with John & Tyler Coleman, to present the preliminary plan for a 26,950 sq. ft. industrial building located at 330 Progress Drive on approximately a 12 acre parcel within the HI Zoning District. The property currently contains one 18,000 sq. ft. building. There will be a common driveway along with 14 employee parking spaces in front of the building along with 10 employee parking spaces in the rear of the building. Eight parking spaces to the existing building are proposed along with 2 ADA compliant parking spaces. There are multiple detention basins to the rear of both the existing and proposed buildings. Mr. Camburn continued to state the proposed building will be used as an industrial use with no tenant proposed at this time. Mr. Coleman stated they do not know what the use is going to be for this building at this time and the tailgate unloading area will be popular. Mr. Camburn stated they met with the Zoning Officer and he was content with the use of the building and the parking. Mr. Camburn reviewed Mr. Wynn’s engineering review letter dated November 27, 2018 highlighting the following:

1. The building will not be a flex space warehouse; it will be an HI use. There will be no warehousing so no Conditional Use will be needed. It will be straight up industrial with a loading dock.

2. Employee parking will be in the front and the rear.

3. The applicant will comply will all of the woodlands, steep slopes, watercourses, and 100-year floodplain items contained in the review letter. Page 3 Planning Commission December 17, 2018

4. The applicant will be conducting the tree survey. Mr. Wynn stated trees that were removed within two years of a land development plan require to be replaced and a proposal will be required. Mr. Camburn suggested prorating the area that they do survey, with the number of trees within the area that were previously removed.

5. Waivers discussed included: The applicant is proposing the plans be drawn at a scale of 1"=60’ to place the whole entire property on one sheet, Sections 140-28P, 140-35, and 140-36, which require cartway reconstruction/overlay, drainage improvements, curb, and sidewalk along Progress Drive within the frontage of the site, and the concrete curb with the 8" reveal is proposed only in the front parking area adjacent to the face of the front of the building where there is a step up to the sidewalk, otherwise there is a 6" reveal.

6. The applicant stated he is in agreement with the fee-in-lieu for sidewalks.

7. The applicant will comply with all stormwater management items.

8. Application will be made to the Bucks County Conservation District in regards to the NPDES permit after the first revision is made.

9. The applicant has met with Telford Borough Water and Sewer Authority in regards to water and sewer and will be making application after the first revision. The plan with be submitted to the Sellersville Fire Station 27 for review along with an acknowledgement that it was sent.

10. The applicant will comply with adding a note on the plan in regards to the timing of the lights.

11. Architectural information will be provided to the Township.

12. The applicant will comply with the execution of the Development/Financial Security Agreement.

13. The applicant will comply with the engineering details with the exception of the scale and the curb details which are both waiver requests.

Mr. Camburn stated they are adding a driveway in the rear of the existing building to aid in fire protection for that facility and to add another means of egress for truck traffic, employees, etc.

The Planning Commission comments included: not knowing what the use of the building is going to be, the concern on the use of the building with a loading dock, and for the use to not be called warehousing,

Mr. Wynn noted he thought Dave Taylor would have given a memo stating he was content without the use being established for the building. Mr. Camburn stated he will ask Mr. Taylor for a memo from the meeting. Mr. Paul Yaskowski stated they presented to Mr. Taylor that it is a specific manufacturing use with a small office, storage of materials, and storage of the finished product. Mr. Wynn clarified that some of the parking information on the plan will need to be changed per the manufacturing use.

Motion was made by Mr. Apple, seconded by Mr. Carnes and carried unanimously to table the Coleman Investment Properties preliminary plan until more written information is received from Mr. Taylor and the plan is cleaned up. There was no public comment. Page 4 Planning Commission December 17, 2018

4. PLANNING: None.






10. PLANNING COMMISSION COMMENTS: Mr. Christ thanked Mr. Carnes for his 8 years of dedicated service on the Planning Commission. Mr. Carnes stated it was his pleasure and maybe he will come back someday.


12. ADJOURNMENT: Upon motion by Mr. Carnes, seconded by Mr. Nogami and carried unanimously, the December 17, 2018 Hilltown Township Planning Commission meeting was adjourned at 8:49 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Lorraine E. Leslie

Township Manager/Treasurer

(*NOTE: These minutes were transcribed from notes and recordings and should not be considered official until approved by the Planning Commission at a public meeting).

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