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Dear Residents & Tax Payers:

The Hilltown Township Board of Supervisors welcomes you to our website. As you explore the pages of the site, you will undoubtedly discover a Township that is both rich in history and progressive in spirit. This site offers you a wealth of information and services provided by Hilltown Township.

The year 2018 marks 335 years since William Penn met the Indian Chiefs of the Delaware Nation on the land where Hilltown Village now sits.


Jack McIlhinney, Chairman
Ken Bennington, Vice-Chairperson
Jim Groff, Supervisor

New Yard Waste Regulations with Ordinance # 2018-003

The Board of Supervisors believes it is in the best interest of the Township and its residents to amend the rules and regulations for the use of the Yard to prohibit the abuses that have occurred as of Saturday, October 27, 2018.

Click here to read the Ordinance in its entirety.

Below are some of the highlighted changes to the Yard.

Regulations are as follows:

Permitted Yard Waste:

  1. Tree limbs and branches are permitted to be dropped off at the Yard; provided they are four inches (4") or less in diameter and no more than four feet (4') in length. In addition, Christmas trees and other small trees and shrubs may be dropped off; provided their trunks are four inches (4") or less in diameter.
  2. No hydraulic dump trucks or trailers may use the Yard.
  3. The Yard is not a dump, only the Permitted Waste as defined herein may be dropped off at the Yard.

Prohibited Waste:

The following are prohibited and may not be dropped off at the Yard:

  1. Grass clippings, bagged or otherwise.
  2. Leaves, bagged or otherwise.
  3. Tree stumps.
  4. Trail material, mulch, ground cover, wood chips, stone, sod, soils of any kind and other similar materials.
  5. Lumber, treated or otherwise.
  6. Animals, dead or alive.
  7. Trash of any kind.

Use by Individual Hilltown Township Residential Users Only. Commercial Users Prohibited.

Use of the Yard shall be limited to individual Hilltown Township residents only. Non-residents of Hilltown Township may not drop off Waste, permitted or otherwise, at the Yard. Commercial businesses are prohibited from dropping off Permitted Waste at the Yard regardless of whether they are residents of Hilltown Township, operate a business in Hilltown Township or are removing yard waste for Hilltown Township residents and owners.

We have reposted the regulations on a sign at the Yard. If you have any question please call the Township at 215-453-6000.

Helpful Stormwater Management Information

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Township History

First recorded history in Hilltown Township was made of 1683, when William Penn met the Indian Chiefs of the Delaware Nation on the land where Hilltown Village now sits. More

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Hilltown Township
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