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Golden Watch Program

Golden Watch Program

Hilltown Township and the Hilltown Township Police Department are pleased to offer the Golden Watch Program to our community. The program establishes a daily check system to ensure the wellbeing of registered residents. The program is designed for residents who might have a concern for their health, safety or general wellbeing for a variety of reasons. Residents who wish to register in the program should be at least 65 years of age or have special medical concerns. Other applicants will be considered for the program on a case-by-case basis.
Residents can apply for the Golden Watch Program by completing the application and returning it as directed on the application. Family and friends of residents wishing to have someone registered in the program may make a recommendation to the Police Department. The Police Department will then contact the resident to determine if they wish to participate. The Police Department requests that participants update their program information every 6 months to ensure we have the latest information in the event of an emergency.
An officer may schedule a visit with an applicant to verify or clarify information in the application.
Registrants are required to call the phone number, Monday through Friday, except holidays, between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM, that will be provided to leave a message to confirm they are well. If a registrant does not report their status, the Township or Police Department staff will attempt to make contact with the resident by phone. If contact is not made before 11:00 AM, a Police Officer will be dispatched to the residence to conduct a physical welfare check of the resident. If attempts to contact the resident are unsuccessful, the Police Officer will evaluate the situation to determine of entry is required to complete the welfare check.
Participants may withdraw from the program at any time by contacting the administrative office of the Police Department.
Participants are required to report known times; appointments, vacations, hospital stays, etc., when they will not be at home to prevent the unnecessary response by Police.
It is hoped that the Golden Watch Program will provide residents with an added sense of security and confidence that assistance will be forthcoming when needed most.
Golden Watch program participants are encouraged to also have family and friends check on them frequently, especially at night, weekends and holidays. Participants are further encouraged to place In Case of Emergency (I.C.E.) information on or near their refrigerator for easy access by Police, Fire or Emergency Medical Services personnel. In addition to the information provided in the program application, we suggest registrants include information pertaining to doctors, medications, medical history, and directions in the event of an emergency.


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