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Statement Regarding Building Inspections, Building & Zoning Permits During Emergency Declaration

Statement Regarding Building Inspections and Building and Zoning Permits During Emergency Declaration

Due to Governor Wolfe’s March 19, 2020 ordered closure of all business that are not life sustaining, specifically including the mandated suspension of all construction activity, any and all Building Inspections activity is immediately suspended until further notice.

Additionally, processing and issuance of all Zoning & Building permits is fully suspended. As of the writing of this notice, the Township Building is closed to the public; however, the staff is carrying on with some administrative functions:
- Permit Applications may be submitted to the Township Building via US Mail.
- Reviews of submitted permits will continue as long as the Code Enforcement office is staffed, but final issuance of permits will not occur until the Emergency Order is lifted.
- If the Code Enforcement Office ceases to be staffed, either due to a legal order or illness, all review deadlines will be suspended.

Finally, with regard to emergency repairs of buildings and systems, the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code §§ 403.42(b) and 403.62(b) both state: “An emergency repair or replacement of equipment may be made without first applying for a permit if a permit application is submitted to the building code official within 3 business days of the repair or replacement”. Additionally, the Governor’s order identifies REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE (Personal and Household Goods Repair and Maintenance) as a continued permitted activity.

Consequently, a property owner is certainly permitted to repair or replace any system or incidental damage to their dwelling or building, if that repair or replacement is necessary to the continued safe, healthy use of the building and comfort of the occupants. Examples would be:
- Heating and Air Condition repair/replacement
- Water and Sewer repairs
- Cooking Appliance repair
- Repair of incidental roof damage and storm damage.
- If you discover incidental rot or other unsafe condition or property hazard.
- An electrical hazard or perceived gas leak.

A property owner should document the activity to best of their ability and follow up by mailing in a Permit Application along with the required description of the activity that was performed. Building Permit Applications may be downloaded from the Township Website on The Building & Zoning Page.

As with all things, common sense should be exercised; the ultimate goal is always the continued health and safety of the community and individual property owners.

David Taylor
Zoning Officer/BCO
Hilltown Township
Bucks County, Pa.

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